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Story Collections for Nonprofits

Transform your social media, email campaigns, and website with individual stories of impact, and cultivate emotional and financial investment from your supporters.

Your brand is a symphony of stories composed by all who contribute to and benefit from your mission.

As a nonprofit leader, you are a conductor responsible for seeking out these stories and capitalizing on them to expand your orchestra - recruiting new donors and strengthening relationships with existing ones - so that you can impact more lives than ever before.

Story Collections are the building blocks for transforming your brand into a hub for narrative based campaigns that cultivate stronger relationships with supporters.

What is Story Collection?

Each Story Collection is made up of videos, photos, copy drafts, and creative material featuring a person or group whose story embodies an aspect of your brand narrative.

This enables you to build campaigns that are uniquely tailored and emotionally compelling to each target audience.

Depending on your custom package, we will produce a number of Collections, each of which will include videos, photos, interviews and drafts for copy.

How does it work?

After a discovery call, we’ll work with you to plan and execute the two phases of the project:


  1. Develop a Communication Plan that aligns with your mission and operational needs.

  2. Review your existing media library to identify gaps and opportunities.


  1. Plan shoots with selected individuals and groups.

  2. Produce the main content for each story.

  3. Prepare material for easy repurposing across all communication channels.


We develop custom pricing based on your needs. Generally, it will be a monthly retainer fee, with a set number of collections per month. Contact us for a custom quote.

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