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IT Solutions for Changemakers

Our approach:


1. Shape technology to fit your organization, not the other way around.

2. Seamlessly integrate IT, marketing and operations to eradicate barriers to progress. 

3. Continuously optimize based on user feedback, evolving needs, and new tech.


Tech Stack Consulting & implementation

Improve internal communication, productivity, and efficiency by finding the right software and tools for your business. We'll implement it, train your staff, and provide ongoing support.

Software Integrations & Automation

Automate redundant process and integrate different software, including CRMs, forms, project management, notifications, cloud storage, and databases.

Website Development & Maintenance

Provide a responsive, functional, and useful website for all of your stakeholders. We'll work with you to ensure your website is aligned with your goals for marketing, operations, and compliance.

Ongoing Tech Support & Maintenance

Technology should never be a hindrance to productivity. We'll support your team by continually improving processes, preventing issues, and providing training.

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