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Our Story

Angel Fire Media is a digital storytelling agency. Our mission is to empower those who seek to improve the human condition and advance social, economic, and environmental justice.

The Challenge: The era of inundating the public with ads asking for money or votes (and expecting good results) is now in the past. In the age of social media, people seek deeper connections with the brands they engage with.

Our Solution: To elevate brands by integrating their story into the communities their target audiences identify with.

We help our clients achieve their goals by:

  1. Transforming their digital presence into hubs for content that adds value to the lives of the people they seek to connect with.

  2. Positioning them to be trusted sources of information and entertainment for their target audience.

  3. Working to establish a sense of community centered around shared experiences.

Everything that we do is guided by our deeply held conviction that people remember not what you say, but how you made them feel. This philosophy is imbued into the videos we produce, the photos we make, the words that we write, and the experiences we design.