Our Team

Kidus Solomon

Founder & Creative Director


Kidus founded Angel Fire Media upon completing his work as Media Director for a Congressional campaign. His experience taught him that there is a need for creative agencies that are able to tell socially impactful narratives effectively. As Creative Director, his aim is to ensure our clients are able to fulfill their mission.

James Hammett
Lead Cinematographer

James is a cinematographer and photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Since the 2016 election, James has been a valuable asset to nearly every notable Democratic campaign in Dallas County. His work with Angel Fire is an extension of his freelance activities, and focuses on his expertise in all things related to photography, cinematography, and audio production.

Kevin Numerick.jpg


Kevin Numerick

Client Services Director

Ryan Skeval.jpeg

Ryan is a Senior Advisor with Angel Fire Media.  He has broad experience and understanding in political campaigns, marketing, and social media.  Through creativity, and dry sense of humor, he knows how to be effective and deliver a compelling message and story.  He is based in Minneapolis, MN.

Ryan Skeval

Senior Advisor

Kelly Blanscet.png

Kelly is the award-winning Creative Director behind Graphic Granola. With over 20 years of experience, her professional emphasis has been on branding, corporate identity, print collateral and advertising. She has led creative teams at several ad agencies and creative boutiques in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Kelly Blanscet

Designer, Graphic Granola

Dominic Chioudoni.jpeg

Dominic is a paid media expert that specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads. He knows how to emotionally connect with people in each stage of the awareness journey. He currently manages over 100K in ad spend per month and provides valuable guidance to our creative team.

Dominic Chiudioni

Paid Social Strategist