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Case Study: Social Media Transformation for Nonprofit

Updated: Jan 29


Service Dogs, Inc. aimed to expand its social media following and utilize this growth to bolster the organization's overall development.

What We Did

Research & Strategy: After a thorough competitive analysis, audience research and segmentation, we developed a content marketing strategy for social media, website, and email. For this case study, we'll focus on what we did for social media. To see a case study about our website project for the same client, click here.

Integrated Storytelling: We leveraged our expertise in content production to create videos, photo stories, and graphics; and infused storytelling across all communications. In addition to conducting our own production shoots with beneficiaries and staff, we also utilized the client's extensive multimedia archive of letters, photos, and video footage that had accumulated over decades. We also trained their staff to shoot training video to supply us with a steady stream of new content at minimal cost.

Story Library: Is brand storytelling logistically challenging? Yes, but it doesn't have to be. We built a comprehensive Story Library to organize and tag decades of letters, photos, and video footage and found ways to creatively repurpose it to produce new content. This helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Example: repurposing a story for different platforms:


First, we produce a "Pillar video" which is a longer form video that lives on the website and can also be distributed through strategic email campaigns. Click to see the full blog.

Reels and TikToks

We find ways to insert our client's brand into larger cultural narratives by leveraging the stories that make up their community. Here are examples of how we repurposed this story:

Again, different trend/audio, but same story:

The above are just a few of the hundreds of videos, blogs, emails, and graphics we produce for our client every year.

By reorienting most of our content towards video, and focusing on storytelling, we were able to significantly grow their audience. The following screenshot from Meta Business Suite shows that the vast majority of video views (>90%) came from recommendations. This means most people saw our content organically (not from paid reach, aka "boosts"). Successful organic content enables to prioritize ad dollars towards creating a targeted strategy to appeal to likely donors, put more of them into our content funnel, and ultimately convert them into donors.


Average follower growth rate across platforms surged by >800%. Almost all of this growth came organically,

As a result of our collaborative work with the client, new donor acquisition rate surged by 62% and total online donations increased by 41% year-over-year.

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