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Case Study: IT Transformation for Small Business

Updated: Dec 25, 2023


A healthcare services organization was spending thousands annually on legacy systems that were inefficient, outdated, and costly to maintain. They sought an IT partner to align their communications, operations and marketing tech stack with their long term goals for growth.

What We Did:

Eliminated 2 legacy server systems by migrating to cloud based storage, email, and project management systems (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, & Notion).

Reduced customers’ transaction time by 34% and saved the client over $5,000 per year by migrating to a new payment platform

Consolidated lead acquisition process from 3 steps into a single form

Freed up 15+ employee hours monthly by automating data synchronization between intake forms, CRM, cloud storage, and email systems

Achieved successful transition in 60 days with 95% satisfaction by providing training sessions and ongoing support to every employee


Cut IT costs by over $7K per year

Increased productivity by 15% as measured by resources freed up for other tasks

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