Video Production

At its most fundamental level, video is a culmination of centuries of development in creative storytelling. With it, we merge the art and science behind every facet of the human experience and effectively communicate powerful narratives.


Angel Fire Media has a deep, abiding appreciation for the art of video, and we work hard to make sure every second counts. Our specialty lies in socially impactful videos for nonprofits, campaigns, businesses, and coverage of purpose- and mission-driven events.

Political Candidate Bio Videos

When you’re seeking public office, voters want to get to know you and why you’re running. A quick one- to two-minute video that addresses these topics, on your campaign website and social media, can help you emotionally connect with voters, potential donors, and prospective volunteers - all of whom are absolutely crucial to winning an election.

Event Highlight Videos

We particularly enjoy working on events that advance a social cause, including town halls, nonprofit events, professional conferences, etc. By working to understand your organization's mission, we create content that transcends the obvious and captures the shared sense of purpose that brought everyone together at your event

Speech Highlight/Montage

Highlighting a speech is an art in and of itself, especially when it comes to speeches that are designed to advance a social cause - including those at town-halls, rallies, and fundraisers. We can pull the most powerful excerpts from your speech and string them together to create an inspiring video montage that further amplifies your message.

Live-Action Explainers

Our branded explainer videos are inspired by publications like Vox, who partner with many leading brands to create explainer videos that are educational, investigative, or entertaining in nature. Videos such as this parody volunteer training video allow you to gain organic traction with your target audience and earn valuable goodwill that pays dividends down the road.

News Editorial Videos

It's one thing to repost content from media publications, it's another to take your brand to the next level by publishing original editorial videos yourself. Your campaign, non-profit, or business shouldn't miss out on a powerful tool for sharing your unique perspective on important issues, while also using the opportunity to engage your audience and strengthen your digital presence.

Crowd Sourced Videos

Some of the most socially impactful content of our era have been captured on smartphones. Our smart devices have made incredible tools of creative production easily accessible to everyone. We believe this presents an opportunity to generate impactful, crowd-sourced footage that you can piece together to form powerful narratives.

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