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Event Photo + Video

Austin & Dallas Corporate Event Photographer and Videographer

At Angel Fire Media, we specialize in event photography and video production for editorial and marketing use. We know exactly what to look for in fast-paced, challenging environments that leave no room for error. We've covered events with thousands in attendance, including some with headlining Governors, Senators, CEOs, celebrities, and more. We especially enjoy documenting events that seek to advance a social cause. 

How Much Does Event Photography Cost?

Basic Event Photo Coverage (2hrs or less) - Short Events w/Less than 50 in Attendance

  • $500 - Up to 1 Hour

  • $750 - Up to 2 Hours

Premium Event Photo Coverage (over 2hrs) - Large Corporate Events, Conferences, Town-Halls​

  • $1500 - Up to 3 Hours

  • $2000 - Up to 6 Hours

  • Additional Hrs: $150

Add-Ons (Above Pricing Includes Basic Color and Exposure Correction Only)​

  • $25/Image for Advanced Photo Editing

  • 25% Surcharge for Rush Turnaround

How Much Does Event Videography Cost?

Basic Event Video Coverage:

  • Up to 4 Hours

  • 2 Minute Highlight Video

  • Starts at $2,000

  • Additional Hrs: $125


Premium Event Video Coverage:

  • Up to 4 Hours

  • 2 Minute & 30s Highlight

  • Includes all footage

  • Cull, color correct, verticalize and stabilize raw footage for social media use 

  • Starts at $2,500

  • Additional Hrs: $200

How Much Does Professional Event Video Live Streaming Cost?

Basic Multi-Camera Livestream 

  • Up to 4 Hours

  • Starts at $1,600


Premium Multi-Camera Livestream

  • Up to 8 Hours

  • Starts at $2,000

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